At the majority of contemporary manufacturing facilities there is a necessity of improving the specifications of fabricated products or cutting tools. One of improvement options is low-temperature plasma treatment. Our company fabricates a unique strengthening machine that can perform such treatment of complicated profile parts.

The advantages of this way of treatment in comparison with other well-known methods (chemical and heat treatment, electro-spark machining, laser treatment, other types of plasma treatment and protective coating application by PVD and CVD methods) are:

  • plasma is formed directly at the treated part surface allowing reduction of treatment time to 4-15 minutes in comparison with 20-120 minutes of analogues machines;
  • the initial part geometry is kept intact;
  • the machine design is simple;
  • energy performance is very high (energy consumption is 1,4 kWt in comparison with 5-80 kWt of analogous machines);
  • the process is environment friendly;
  • self-cost is low.

The machine can treat items of diameter up to 50 mm and length up to 120 mm made of any metals and alloys, of glass and ceramics:

  • Metal cutting and metal working tools (drills, screwing taps, milling cutters);
  • Small metal parts (gear-wheels, bearings);
  • Medical treatment tools (needles, scalpels, prosthetic appliances and their parts);
  • Glass lenses, etc.

Treatment in this machine contributes to several times increasing of wearability, corrosive resistance, surface roughness reduction (microroughness elimination), material hydrophobic properties improvement.

The machine specifications:

  • The machine overall dimensions (length, width, height) are 1500x1000x2000 mm;
  • The machine weight is not more than 350 kg;
  • The power source weight is not more than 200 kg;
  • The power source capacity is 4,0 (±10%) kWt;
  • The power source overall dimensions are 800x800x1600 mm;
  • The power source current intensity is 10-50 А;
  • The machine supply voltage is 380/220 V;
  • The machine total power is not more than 4,0 kWt;
  • Operation temperature range is from +10° to +35°С;
  • Relative humidity during the machine operation is up to 80% without condensing;
  • Temperature range during transportation is from 30° to +50°С;
  • Relative humidity during transportation is up to 80% at 25°С (in the manufacturer’s packing);
  • Cutting tools surface roughness improvement after strengthening is by 1,4-2,3 times;
  • Cutting tools strengthening process monitoring is by electric induction current;
  • The machine material is stainless and alloy steel.
  • The machine readiness time is not more than 3 minutes.