Ability to create possibilities

Operability of our products allows using them in all branches of science and technology.

From simple to complicated

Glass insulators (glass beads) are successfully used for electronic devices fabrication.

Power in parts

Glass and metal structure is used as an electric micromotor stator (∅ < 1 mm) with the rotation frequency
up to 10000 rpm, power supply voltage 0.5 V, outer diameter 2.5 mm.

We can see things that others do not notice

Design, development and fabrication of rapid systems using machine vision elements for evaluation of quality
and geometry of products with the dimensions from 1 mm.

Our implementation of your ideas

Design, development and fabrication of any special custom manufacturing equipment according to the customer’s specification.


Tubes and Rods

On by order basis our company fabricates round tubes and rods of different glass grades with the outer diameter up to 60 mm and length from 0.8 mm to 2500 mm and tubes of any cross-section shape (ellipse, hexagon, triangle, etc.). The products can be supplied in large and small lots within short timeframes.

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Glass Fiber

Glass Fiber

TEGS Ltd. fabricates different single and multicomponent glass fibers with the specified parameters and structure.

Polycapillary structureGlass cogwheelAccelerometer element

Complicated Glass Structures

We design, develop and manufacture complicated glass structures fabricated of several glass types agreeing in the thermal coefficient of linear expansion (TCLE) and viscosity.
Complicated structures consist of multicapillaries also having a complicated shape that are sintered together in the process of further drawing.
Structures may have air channels, metal and semiconductor filling and soluble glass that is etched after structures are cut into flat discs in order to get the specified geometry.

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Plasma strengthening machine


TEGS Ltd. designs, develops, fabricates and commissions:

  • processing equipment for the glass industry;
  • control and monitor system (machine vision systems);
  • glass melting furnaces;
  • special electric resistance furnaces (with the temperature up to 1200 °С);
  • complicated profile parts plasma strengthening machines;
  • any special custom processing equipment according to the customer’s specification.

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Manufacturing technologies at our company include:

  1. Glass melting;
  2. Glass products drawing;
  3. Glass products redrawing from preforms by a method of similarity;
  4. Cutting;
  5. Etching;
  6. Magnetron sputter deposition and thermal spraying;
  7. Glass structures sintering.

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We are ready for cooperation with scientific and research groups, laboratories and designers as manufacturers of experimental samples of glass products having submicron dimensions and complicated structure.