TEGS Ltd. fabricates machines designated for sintering of glass structures whose elements can be made of rods or tubes oriented in line with the product longitudinal axis, for example multi-channel units.

The work is based on the method of isostatic pressing of glass fiber structure units heated to a plastic stage. The chamber hearth heating is zonal. The temperature maximum moves upwards. Automatic program control provides highly accurate heating of a glass-fiber unit. Gas (nitrogen or argon) pressure in the chamber is provided by a valve system.

The machine technical specifications:

  • sintered structure dimensions:
    • diameter is up to 75 mm;
    • length is up to 400 mm;
  • the sintering chamber working area dimensions:
    • diameter is 50-100 mm;
    • length is 1000 mm;
  • number of heating zones in the furnace is 6-12;
  • furnace temperature is more than 700°C;
  • temperature measuring accuracy is ±1°C;
  • gas pressure in the sintering chamber is up to 150 kg/cm².

The operation process is schematically shown in the video film .