TEGS Ltd. owns a technology solution and has significant experience of operation of a batch, gas and electric glass melting furnace with the glass drainage vertically downwards through a ceramic tube. We can adapt this furnace for your production process, besides we can fabricate, install and adjust it at your company.

Basic parameters:

  • Capacity is 1000 kg;
  • Yielding capacity is 200 kg per 24 hours period;
  • Glass melting maximum temperature is up to 1600°C;
  • The necessary energy sources:
    • Natural gas (gas pressure is 4 kPa, gas flow rate is up to 5000 m³ per month;
    • Electric power is an AC three-phase mains (voltage is 380 V / 50 Hz, power consumption in the operating mode is 60 kWt/h).
    • Circulation water supply system for molybdenum electrodes cooling.
    • Air for burning is ventilating.
  • Molybdenum electrodes quantity is 6 pcs.;
  • The furnace overall dimensions are 2780х1650х1500 mm.

The advantage of this furnace is high yield capacity and small power consumption.