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TEGS Ltd. fabricates round tubes and rods with the diameter up to 60 mm and length up to 2500 mm according to ОSТ 11 PО.735.000, ОSТ 11 PО.735.001-73, ОSТ 11 ПО.735.002-73 or special customer’s specifications.


The main advantage of our technological process is high accuracy of the ready product geometry and possibility to fulfill custom orders (differing from generally accepted industry standards).

Various cross-section tubes

We can fabricate glass tubes and rods with any cross section shape (ellipse, circle, hexagon, triangle, etc.) and tubes with linearly varying diameter (for example, cones).

If necessary we can wind tubes and rods with the diameter up to 1 mm. After winding the diameter variation will not exceed 1,5%.

Multicomponent rods can be fabricated of materials agreeing in thermophysical properties.

Glass grades used for products fabrication are in the table.