Our company designs and fabricates monitoring and control systems using standard and original sensors and systems where contact and noncontact process variables measurement techniques and artificial vision elements are used.
You can read theoretical basis of such systems in detail here.

At control speed up to 10 objects per sec. artificial vision elements provide for control of the object geometry from millimeter fractions to several meters with the possible accuracy up 1 mcm, for comparison with the prototype object, for control of single parameters (topology, completeness, colour, marking, etc.).

Combination of different monitoring and control methods provides for interrelated solution of all process cycle problems: temperature control, mass determination, movement (rolling) speed maintenance, pressure and discharge control, etc.

Visual inspection methods allow controlling of presence of objects, inscriptions, covers, labels, marking (date, etc.) quality. In combination with the ordinary capacity induction sensors they allow controlling of the filling level, absence of metal objects, etc. So they allow performing complete quality control of the fabricated product.

The use of the licensed and original specially made software provides for the work convenience, demonstrativeness, technological process modes specification simplicity, flexible system refashioning in case of an upgrade, possibility to combine different systems into a single net in order to perform operations of the general technological cycle.