TEGS Ltd. fabricates machines for redrawing of glass items with different cross-section shapes.

They can not only draw single channel tubes (preforms) but also batches of single and multi-channel tubes and rods with different cross sections. The initial (macro) and final (micro) cross sections of structures are geometrically similar. Several cycles of glass items redrawing allow reducing the structure components dimensions up to 0.2 mcm with the accuracy of 0.5-1.0%.

Glass products high accuracy is provided by the use of cylindrical chambers with independent heating elements (heating zones), designated for creation of the desired temperature distribution along the whole length and angular coordinates of the cylinder and high accuracy electric motors providing for the specified drawing rate.
Automatic adjustment is performed on the basis of results of measurements made by a two axis laser gage.

The constituent part of our equipment is automatic control systems including electronic control systems and personal computers.

The machine technical specifications:

  • drawing speed is 0,1-7,0 m/min;
  • temperature in the furnace is 400-900°C±1°C;
  • tube (preform) dimensions are:
    • outer diameter is up to 60 mm;
    • length is up to 1200 mm.

The operation process is schematically shown in the video film .