TEGS Ltd. fabricates lines and posts for chemical treatment of glass products for removal of organic and inorganic foreign matters and oxidation films and also for glass chemical polishing in acid solutions.

Glass products chemical treatment posts specifications:

  • Overall dimensions are 1000х800х2300 mm;
  • Power consumption is 10 kWt;
  • Rinse baths number is from 10 to 13.

Technological cycle:

  • Prewashing in boiling water (100°C);
  • Intermediate washing in boiling water;
  • Washing in hydrochloric acid solution (10%, 100°C);
  • Final washing in boiling distilled water.

Products handling and transportation is manual.

Glass products chemical treatment line specifications:

  • Overall dimensions are 10000х5000х2000 mm;
  • Rinse baths (including ultrasonic baths) number is from 10 to 13 (or any other, depending on the customer’s technological process).
  • Washing liquids heating is up to 40-50°C.

The line includes:

  • water treatment system (heating, distillation, deionization);
  • water disposal system;
  • acid solution wastes and contaminated water neutralization system;
  • ventilating system (acid vapours release system).

Products handling and transportation from bath to bath is manual or automatic.