Our company develops and fabricates electric furnaces of different design and designation. Furnaces are made on the basis of a modern element base. If necessary they may be equipped with computer technology that allows performing processes using different changeable programmes and keeping the furnace state changes history in popular office file formats for further analysis and printing.

We can fabricate:

  • industrial and laboratory furnaces with the maximum operation temperature 1200°С and chamber volume from several cubic decimeters to 20 m³, with forced atmosphere circulation and gas-vapour phase removal;
  • electric resistance batch and continuous furnaces;
  • electric and gas furnaces:
    • with natural and forced atmosphere circulation;
    • with side and bottom heaters;
    • with metal and silicon carbide heaters;
    • with hi-tech heat resisting and heat insulating ceramic fiber materials;
    • with loading through upper covers and side doors;
  • chamber furnaces;
  • shaft furnaces;
  • rotary-hearth continuous furnaces with metal and silicon carbide heaters;
  • drum furnaces;
  • open underneath bell-type furnaces, that are installed on fixed product-benches;
  • conveyer tunnel furnaces with a solid dome and spiral heaters installed on the walls with the help of ceramic tubes;
  • artificial atmosphere furnaces;
  • vacuum furnaces.