TEGS Ltd. fabricates different single and multicomponent glass fibers with the specified parameters and structure. The fiber outer diameter is from 100 mcm to 250 mcm. Long fibers are wound onto special reels. The met challenges variety determines requirements to the fiber structure.

Our company gained a reputation of a manufacturer of original photonic-crystal (microstructural) optical fibers on the basis of multicomponent glasses used in scientific experiments, fundamental metrology, biomedical diagnostics. Such fibers are used for light pulse parameters control, optical radiation spectral filtration, transfer of high-power radiation in laser process equipment.
We fabricate solid-core fibers having a shell made of capillaries with channels or a solid shell. Fibers with the core consisting of two or several solid rods may be used for polarization anisotropy creation. Using thin cores it is possible to get extra-wide supercontinuum with the spectral width more than two octaves from vacuum ultraviolet to infrared range.

On the basis of the fancy technology applied only to multicomponent glasses we also fabricate hollow core fibers with the diameter up to 50 mcm. Such fibers may be used for high-power light radiation transfer.

Using of phosphate glass for fabrication of photonic-crystal fibers activated by neodymium, erbium and ytterbium allows getting fibers for elements of solid-state lasers with low and medium power diode pumping.

In case of an order of fibers with definite optical and other specifications as the first stage the fiber structure allowing to achieve the specifications may be designed and appropriate glass may be chosen.