TEGS Ltd. is a manufacturer of glass polycapillary rods that may have circular, rectangular or hexagonal cross-section. Channels may be circular or hexagonal. The maximum diameter of the polycapillary multichannel rod cross-section circumscribed circle is 12 mm. The rod length is up to 1 m. The channels are hexagonally placed.

Such products may be used as separation columns for liquid and gas chromatography. They keep their design factors when gas passes through the channels under pressure up to 200 Bar and when they are heated higher than 100 °С.
Our technological processes allow fabricating policapillary cones with the maximum outer diagonal dimension 30 mm. Such polycapillaries are used in medicine and biology for production of blood separators and devices for transportation of biological samples to biochip matrices. The cone length depends on correlation of diameters at the narrow and wide ends and is experimentally determined for products with the specified parameters.