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ТОСС ищет сотрудничества с научно-исследовательскими экспериментальными группами для тестирования стеклоизделий, предназначенных для различных применений. Отправить заявку:Введите, то что написано в окне ниже:

logoTEGS Ltd. (LLC “Technology and Equipment for Glass Structures”) was founded in December 1998 on the basis of an experimental group of Saratov Research Institute of Machine Building, working since 1952 in the sphere of native investigation of glass products manufacturing technology and design of the necessary equipment.

We have more than 50 certificates of authorship and patents in the sphere of high accuracy glass structures and equipment for their production. We cooperate with research and development teams of institutes and universities of Russia and other countries that are involved in development of new materials and glass products. The company departments are fitted with modern equipment. Computer-aided-design, computer generated simulation and empirical data statistical processing are widely used for development of new processes and products.

Glass products fabricated by our company include devices and components of microelectromechanical systems, microstructural fibers, molecular and biological filters, micro-dosage devices, microlithography patterns etc.
Our Microstructural Glass Technology allows fabricating high accuracy glass products with minimum component sizes up to nanometers and aspectual correlation more than 100:1.

The most part of our Company products is individual. A team of qualified designers cooperates with the customer in order to find the best solution. We do not sell products “almost” satisfying the customer’s requirements. That is why our Company actually stipulates only a range of achievable technical parameters and does not offer a ready product catalogue.