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Sintering machine

The machine is designated for sintering of glass structures whose elements can be fabricated of rods or tubes oriented in line with the product longitudinal axis. For example the machine can be used for sintering of multi-channel plates fabricated of glass rods or tubes.

Sintering machine

The work is based on the method of isostatic pressing of glass fiber structures batches in a shell heated to plastic stage. The chamber hearth heating is zonal. The temperature maximum moves upwards. Automatic program control provides the glass-fiber unit heating with high accuracy. Gas (nitrogen) pressure in the chamber is provided by a valve system.

Sintering machine

Sintered Structures Dimensions

  • diameter is up to 75mm;
  • length is up to 400mm.

Dimensions of the Sintering Chamber Working Area

  • diameter is from 50 to 100 mm;
  • length is 1000 mm.

Technical Specifications

  • quantity of heating zones in the furnace is from 6 to 12;
  • temperature in the furnace is more than 700oC;
  • temperature measurement error is ±1oC;
  • nitrogen pressure in the sintering chamber is from 6.5 Pa to 4 MPа.

The machine work process is schematically shown in the video:

Ready product (MCP) samples:

Ready MCP product Another MCP
Yet another MCP