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ТОСС ищет сотрудничества с научно-исследовательскими экспериментальными группами для тестирования стеклоизделий, предназначенных для различных применений. Отправить заявку:Введите, то что написано в окне ниже:
Drawing machine

The machine is designated for drawing of glass tubes and rods of any cross section (circle, ellipse, polygon) from glass block melt. The diameter and wall thickness are determined by the drawing die dimensions. The machine may be equipped with a small-scale glass furnace.

Drawing machine

Glass products high accuracy is due to the use of cylindrical chambers with independent heating elements (heating zones), designated for creation of the desired temperature distribution along the whole length and angular coordinates of the cylinder and high accuracy electric motors for the fabricated glass product cross-section control. We can fabricate airtight heating chambers in order to perform in vacuum or under pressure conditions.

A constituent part of our equipment is automatic control systems including electronic control systems and personal computers.

Technical Specifications

  • glass slab dimensions are 120x120x400mm;
  • temperature in the furnace is — 400-1000oC±1oC;

The production process video: