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ТОСС ищет сотрудничества с научно-исследовательскими экспериментальными группами для тестирования стеклоизделий, предназначенных для различных применений. Отправить заявку:Введите, то что написано в окне ниже:
Glass Products Chemical Treatment Lines and Posts

Chemical treatment postThe equipment is used for organic and inorganic impurities and oxide films removing and for glass chemical polishing in acid solutions.

Post overall dimensions are 1000 x 800 x 2300mm, power consumption is 10 kW. Rinse baths number is 10-13. The process includes preliminary washing in boiling water (100°C), intermediate washing in boiling water, washing in boiling hydrochloric acid solution (10%, 100°C), final washing in distilled boiling water. Items handling is manual.

Lines for glass items washing in water and acid solution. Lines dimensions are 10000x5000x2000mm. Rinse baths number is 10-13 (or other depending on the technological process), including ultrasonic ones. The washing liquids are heated up to 40-50°C. The line includes systems of water preparation (heating, distillation and deionization), water disposal, waste acid solutions and contaminated water neutralization, ventilation (acid fumes recovery). The items are handled manually or automatically by an operating automatic manipulator.