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ТОСС ищет сотрудничества с научно-исследовательскими экспериментальными группами для тестирования стеклоизделий, предназначенных для различных применений. Отправить заявку:Введите, то что написано в окне ниже:
Glass Products for Biological Investigations

Microscope cuvet photo Cuvets

Polycapillary Polycapillary

Against order TEGS Ltd. fabricates different cuvets and microreactors for biological investigations.

Polycapillary cone

If necessary we apply metal on products in the required place. Our technologies allow fabricating cone-shaped policapillary structures with the maximum outer diagonal dimension 30mm. Such structures are used in medicine and biology including fabrication of blood separators, biochip matrices and biological assays delivery devices. The funnel length depends on the relation of the channel diameters in narrow and wide parts and is determined experimentally for the products with the specified parameters.


Products fabricated at our company may be not only final products but also elements for other items fabrication. For example, for policapillaries with a variable cross-section we fabricate so called biological microchips.

Biochip A biological microchip is a plate with substances applied to it in a strictly definite order. The substances serve as indicators of presence or absence of the specified components in case of interaction with the sample. The received matrix of indicators allows the investigated sample accurate analyzing during a short period of time. The figure shows a biochip with 91 projections of 0.14 diameter, that completely coincide with the capillary arrangement on the funnel small edge. The projections height is up to 0.05mm.


  • the channels diameter at the wide edge is 0.8-1.5 mm;
  • the channels diameter at the narrow edge is 50-200 μ;
  • the funnel length is from 70 mm*
  • porosity is up to 80%.

* depending on the ratio of the channel diameters at the funnel wide and narrow edges.

Our technology allows fabricating funnels to special orders varying their parameters.
One of our customers ordering funnels for biological microchips fabrication is Engelgardt Istitute of Molecular Biology (IMB RAS)

Biochip IMB