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Technology and Equipment for Glass Structures Ltd. is a manufacturer of hardware components for devices used in optical and laser systems, electronics and optoelectronics, microoptics, biology, medicine, communication units and micromechanics. Our products are fabricated of glass by way of drawing from glass melt, preforms redrawing and sintering. In the process of fabrication we are able to use soluble glasses with further chemical and mechanical treatment, filling with metals or material having special properties, and application of coating in a vacuum environment. On a by-order basis or company fabricates high-efficiency, reliable, easy-to-use equipment of vast scope of applications. We fabricate tubes, capillary tubes, rods, microchannel plates, medical biochips, photonic-crystal structures, optical fibers and equipment such as glass-melting furnaces, autoclaves, objects testing equipment, glass drawing and redrawing machines, glass products sintering machines and other special equipment.

A vast range of glass and glass and metal products designed and fabricated at TEGS Ltd. finds application in such devices as precision dosimeters, molecular filters, gas analyzers, image amplifiers and gas discharge sensors.

Technological processes of TEGS Ltd. allow fabricating glass structures with the geometry of practically any complexity. It allows making unique structures that cannot be fabricated by mass manufacturers.

The team of designers of TEGS Ltd. continuously cooperates with the customer’s production specialists in order to prepare optimal production plans that allow design time reducing and economic efficiency increasing. Our production processes are used for fabrication of microstructures that cannot be made using ordinary machining methods.

Ready products pass quality control and a quality certificate is issued. The product packing guarantees its safety. Glass grades used at our company are here.

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